“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for you assistance in my recent real estate transactions. Your unwavering professionalism, support and humour helped to make the process far easier than it might have been.

Selwyn, numerous people have asked me how I knew that this was the right home for me. The answer is simple and yet, it is not. I knew because you and I had looked at over 40 properties that were NOT the right one, so I was very clear on what I did not want. Our discussions of what was right and what was wrong with each area and each specific property has led me to where I belong. It was often you more than I who could keep in mind my physical limitations as they related to places we looked at. You were far more able to remove the emotion (or infatuation) from some properties than I was. You never pushed me, you just guided me. And best of all, you were ready, willing and able to act spontaneously when I was sure I’d found the right one.

Tobias and Rachael have contributed greatly to the process. The marketing of my Toronto home was excellent, rivalling what I’ve seen in homes worth far more than mine. Rachael’s photos and feature sheet were lovely. Tobias’ input during my home inspection was helpful and insightful. They both have an aptitude for making a house look irresistible for sale, and analyzing the appropriateness of one for purchase.

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you folks. It’s comforting to know that when the time comes to sell this house, I already know who will sell it. Please be assured that I’ll recommend your team to friends and family.”

– C. Gover